The blockchain as a path to immortality civilization


Greetings, dear readers. Today I want to touch on a very interesting topic of symbiosis.

I think you will agree with me that any development is possible only through the accumulation of knowledge and information.

Initially, at the dawn of our race life wisdom was passed from mouth to mouth with the help of legends and myths. But this method was extremely unreliable. If the sage died, and the accumulated experience of several generations have gone along with it.

Then there was a breakthrough. Have the opportunity to record information and keep it in time by means of clay tablets, parchments and books.

And even despite war, destruction and, as a result, the loss of 99% of the recorded information, we have made significant progress. Human life is surprisingly transformed in hundreds of years.

We now have a reliable system of storing and transferring information. Such as cloud storage and backup servers, protecting the network from falling. And that in itself is amazing.

But if we want to become truly immortal civilization, memory and knowledge which will be stored forever — need a completely radical approach.

Let’s see how this task is handled by our world. He is committed to distribution. The most reliable systems that are millions of years, show us that, if we want to preserve the accumulated knowledge, necessary to solve the problem of decentralization.

Why is life on our planet, no matter what disasters it may occur, finds its way? The case for decentralization. Every living cell holds a complete set of the genome of an organism, its genetic information. And even if you fall 99% system, 1% are able to restore everything.

And, of course, a genius of human thought from the chips and code have recreated such a system. Gave the ability to store information, no matter what. To see our civilization continue to live and multiply knowledge. So there was a blockchain.

And I believe that this technology is a tool not only for digital money of the future, but will form the basis for the management of all our systems. It will radically transform our lives and allow human civilization to reach such heights that we couldn’t even dream of.

Economics, data, politics and even quantum technologies — all are capable of the blockchain.

Companies such as YouTube, Facebook and various media services will be able to provide ourselves with endless storage space.

You download the app, and part of viewing information background downloaded to your device. Fortunately, network and storage capacity now allow it. You, as the data holders will earn bonuses, tokens or cryptocurrency that you will be able to buy subscriptions to information you are interested in music, movies, etc.

The system will come to its logical conclusion. For what you consume and keep the part of these companies, help them maintain their network, you will receive the reward.

In this world everything is interconnected. The company can not exist without a user. Sooner or later the information will become so many that no one even the richest Corporation will not be able to provide her with safety and security. Peer-to-peer technology in combination with bloccano capable of it.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. The application options are endless. Apps and their code will be protected impenetrable wall of infinite blocks.

Just imagine what that technology in the military sector. No information or hacking will not be afraid of such a system.

Simplicity and reliability are the main qualities of the blockchain. You don’t need the backup device and backup servers. You are doing it for the miners or nodes.

The system is stable in any case. And the hashed information provides the reliability of preservation and protection against counterfeiting.

And the amazing thing is that this is the world in which we can be in the coming years!

So, if I’m not the least bit interested and you want to get this theme as I come into my course “Types of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.”

I invite you to the world of the future, invited to the Training centre FORS.

Author: Kerimov George (Kerimov George) for Coinspot

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