The blockchain can support 100 million transactions per day


The blockchain can support 100 million transactions per day

Research by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) shows the potential of the technology of distributed registry.

DTCC — U.S. clearing Corporation with strong research and development Department. Experts DTCC are looking for the best formula for optimizing business processes. Having studied the possibilities of the blockchain, they stated that corporate DLT service is able to maintain daily trading volume on the us stock market at over 100 million transactions per day.

This is not a speculative conclusion: the researchers DTCC conducted a real test, which was attended by new York consulting company Accenture, specializing in the provision of services in the field of strategic planning, optimization and outsourcing, Digital Asset, a blockchain startup, creating products for financial companies, stock exchanges and banks, and blockchain-a consortium of R3.

The study showed that at maximum load the blockchain can process 115 million transactions a day. Unfortunately, the test conducted five hours, during which the test blockchain worked with a speed of 6,300 transactions per second. That is, if such a service could work all the time, he could provide speed at 115 million transactions per day.

“We managed to improve the performance of DLT service and help create new opportunities for greater use of technology in the financial markets, said Murray Pasmanter, the head of the clearing Department of the DTCC. — Our study demonstrates that a distributed platform it is possible to scale, then they will be able to satisfy the various financial markets.”

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