The book of Andreas Antonopoulos Mastering Ethereum is ready for publication


A popular writer and an influential expert in kriptonyte Andreas Antonopoulos (Andreas Antonopoulos) has announced that his new book Mastering Ethereum, co-written with Gavin wood (Gavin Wood), ready to go and should go on sale in early December.

As reported Antonopoulos on Reddit, the book was two times bigger than previously thought — more than 400 pages. At the end of November will start sending pre-orders books from Amazon, and on shelves of ordinary shops Mastering Ethereum will be December 10.

“In the book there are some gaps related to the constantly changing nature of Ethereum, but we close them in the next edition. However, I am very happy with the result and hope that this work will enable thousands of developers to get started with Ethereum and “master” them,” — said the author in his message.

Earlier, Andreas Antonopoulos wrote a best-selling kryptonyte The Internet of Money and two versions of the book Mastering Bitcoin.

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