The businessman sold BTC to 2 million euros for the bills, drawn in photoshop


The businessman from South Korea sold bitcoins for € 2 million to two fraudsters from Serbia. As it turned out, the Euro was painted in Photoshop.

Criminals pre-prepared counterfeit banknotes of 500 euros, and then met with a businessman in a five star hotel in nice. As a result, the businessman moved them bitcoins, and in return received fake bills.

The entrepreneur immediately noticed the deception, however, immediately after the detection of counterfeits called the police. Law enforcement quickly detained one of the intruders in Cannes. There he actively spent funds received: bought a watch for 100 thousand euros and an expensive car. The second perpetrator is still not found.

As it turned out, the South Korean businessman who runs a business related to cryptocurrency in Singapore. And, apparently, in the digital currency, he knows better than Fiat.

Such cases are not rare around the world. In April in Moscow the seller of bitcoins in the amount of 10 million rubles lost cryptocurrencies: the buyer took his electronic media with bitcoins and disappeared.

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