The CBOE may issue futures Ethereum is already in ETM year


Business Insider reported that the Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE) this year intends to launch futures contracts on Ethereum.

The sources also noted that puchase will be based on market data exchange Gemini, as in the case of bitcoin futures.

Currently, the CBOE is required to permit the issue of new placesof from the Commission on urgent exchange trade of the USA (CFTC).

Development Director of the company SFOX Danny Kim said that this event can terminate the bearish trend in the market of cryptocurrencies.

“I think that the new product will be new investment opportunities that will end the bearish trend of the market and deployed it up”.

We will remind that earlier the President CBOE Chris Concannon said that after the refusal of the SEC to consider Ethereum as securities, the exchange did not have any obstacles in the way of creating placesof Ethereum.

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