The CBOE will launch futures on the end of the year


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Media: broadcast Futures on the CBOE will be launched before the end of the year

As Business Insider reports, citing sources, futures will be based on market data exchange Gemini, whose decision Chicago Board options exchange and used during the launch of bitcoin futures in December last year. At the moment, the CBOE expects the approval of the Commission commodity futures trading (CFTC) and will start trading futures live after the relevant decision. Danny Kim, Director of development, the company SFOX, said: “I Think that the new product will be new investment opportunities that will end the bearish trend of the market and deployed it up”.

Will appear in Armenia free economic zone with a data center for mining

The organizer of the ecosystem of the SEZ in the city of Hrazdan is the company ECOS, which will be responsible for the development of a technological cluster. About this ForkLog said the representatives of ECOS. The main objective of SEZ is to create infrastructure for development of projects based on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Residents of the free economic zone will receive the zero rate of VAT and will be exempt from income tax for 25 years. In the first stage, ECOS plans to raise more than $ 100 million investment.

Wallet Spark Lightning began to use the Network to transfer bitcoins out of the blockchain

One of the main functions of the Spark is that it allows users to make ofcan transaction with Lightning Network. In the technical documentation Spark States that the purse is fully focused on the implementation of the transaction out of the blockchain. “The point is that you can run node c-lightning on your home server or in the cloud to remotely connect to it using your phone. Your phone should not be in the network, but the server needs. The server can serve multiple wallets,” wrote developer purse Nadav of ivgi. will start mining the pools for the production of ether and Ethereum Classic

In this way hopes scale mining infrastructure of the ether. In the statement, in particular, said that the users of the portal will be able not only to engage in mining of these cryptocurrencies, but also to switch their computing power from the pool to the pool Ethereum Ethereum Classic depending on the market sentiment. For cryptocurrency mining clients of the company will be able to use the GPU, despite the fact that in April released Bitmain ASIC miner for air. According to the Director, this is due to the ubiquity and simplicity of GPU-miners.

Binance caught up on profit Nasdaq

In the first quarter of the crypto currency exchange has received 200 million dollars in profit, which is almost comparable to the results of the second largest stock exchange in the world Nasdaq (209 million), said managing Director Wang Danhua Capital Press. While the number of employees Binance is only 4% of the state stock exchange. Wang also noted that the profit Binance to $ 50 million exceeded the profit of Deutsche Bank.

Satis Group: 5 years bitcoin will rise to $96 000

The company, which is engaged in consulting in the field of ICO, analyzed how cryptocurrency market is assessed and whether this assessment the real value of the assets behind it. The authors of the report tried to predict how the rates of different cryptocurrencies will look like in five years, assessing digital assets in terms of quality, and not by market dynamics. The result is that the prices of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Monero and Decred must be much larger, because it “scriptactive with unique and valuable offerings with a deep and popular markets.” At the same time, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin Cash and other “scriptactive following a recognizable brand and provide minimal technological advantage for those who are behind these assets,” in the end will fail.

10:05 MSK total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is 226,7 billion. Trading volume for 24 hours was equal to 13.1 billion dollars.

  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin) for the last day fell by 0.12% to $6992,74.
  • The ether (ETH/USD) fell by 1.25% to $281,72.
  • Ripple (XRP/USD) fell by 1.02% to $0,335.
  • Cash Bitcoin (Bitcoin.Cash) fell by 1.21% to $540,65.
  • EOS (EOS/USD) rose by 3.75% to $6.2.

The best growth among the top 100 cryptocurrencies have shown Dogecoin (+24,68%)

Current ICO

  • Tutellus

The expected ICO

  • 1 Sep BetOnChart
  • 1 Sep AirGlobalChain
  • 1 Sep Neironix

The full list of ongoing and anticipated ICO you can see the link.

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