The Celsius platform Network will manage the investment Fund by the UN




Platform centralized lending and borrowing Celsius Network will manage the Fund impact on the sustainable development goals (SDG) initiative of the United Nations (UN) “sustainable development”.

Sustainable development — an international programme aimed at ensuring “a better and more sustainable future for all”. It discusses global problems such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice. The initiative is aimed at achieving a series of goals by 2030.

According to the announcement, the SDG Fund will be launched by the company in the financial services Fifth Element to attract several hundred million dollars in a variety of formats, including using public Blockchain. It is expected that the Fund will be the first to accept and use all forms of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in accordance with the sustainable development of the United Nations.

It is reported that in partnership with Fifth Element Celsius Network seeks to “to return power to the people”, by providing banking services that are typically reserved for asset owners at the top level. Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky said “at the earned interest rate to 7.1 percent, we allow individuals to get the same passive income that wall street is doing for many years.” Scott Stornetta, counsel for the company, commented:

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