The chamber has recognized the “Innopolis” inefficient economic zone


By results of check the audit chamber, the special economic zone “Innopolis”, which has the potential to become a centre of cryptocurrencies in Russia, entered the list of ineffective of the SEZ.

Special economic zone “Innopolis”, “city Shine” located in the heart of Kazan, was found to be ineffective SEZ. The accounts chamber analyzed the work of all 25 of special economic zones in 22 regions and found to be ineffective 10 of them. Financing inefficient zones reaches from the budget of 55.1 billion. in addition, they have attracted investments of $ 7.6 billion.

Of direct relevance to the IT field from all ineffective has only SEZ “Innopolis”, which is a zone of technical innovation type (TVT).

The reasons for the ineffective work of Innopolis called mismanagement on the part of the Ministry, regional authorities and management companies and the absence of an approved compensation from the authorities the cost of creation of the SEZ infrastructure. Already created objects are unable to start work because in some cases there is no possibility to provide a load corresponding to their capacity.

Another indicator of inefficient management on the part of management companies and regions is the low share in the total usable area of SEZ land, which are used by residents. As of 1 January 2018, the figure was about 38%.

It is noteworthy that a year ago in Innopolis was held global conference “the Blockchain is the new oil of Russia”, which was visited even by the Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

We will remind, the SEZ of Kaliningrad region offers benefits for miners, however, this option is possible only if the activities of the miners will be equal in law to the use of databases.

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