The Chinese began to work on a humane version of the T-1000 from “Terminator”


The Chinese began to work on a humane version of the T-1000 from “Terminator”

Chinese scholars, inspired by the evil T-1000 Terminator, began working on the creation of a flexible robot with a liquid metal that can change shape under the tension.

A team of researchers from China and Australia presented the first model of a small robot moving by changing the shape of liquid gallium. Although the sample is quite similar to the anti-hero of “judgment day”, but the teachings say that it only began to study the technology and within ten years plan to develop a full-fledged robot that changes the form or BB-8 with a freely moving domed head of the “Star wars”.

Yet they have presented device consists of a plastic wheel, small lithium batteries and metal droplets. Under the action of the electricity, the liquid gallium begins to change the center of gravity resulting in the movement of the wheel. The process and power of change is controlled by voltage.

Team leader Professor of robotics Whether Sanpan admits that he was inspired by the T-1000 from the second part of the sci-Fi blockbuster. He says that seeing the movie in 10 years, I’ve always wanted to create such technology, but only to help people.

According to scientists, multi-layered soft robotics from pliable material will resemble living organisms. Technology can be used for rescue operations, drug delivery in the human body, detect cancer or create the car wheel for electric cars, as well as military espionage.

China never ceases to amaze its developments. Recall that recently the representative of the Chinese research Institute told about the plans to create an artificial moon, which by 2020 will begin to illuminate the night.

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