The choice of the trading terminal: desktop or web


The choice of the trading terminal: desktop or web

Every investor when dealing with cryptocurrency or other assets now are different types of terminals. The functionality of web clients is very close to the classic platforms that are installed on the computer. Therefore, more and more traders are working in the tab of your browser. However, each option has both advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we reviewed their features and also in what cases and to whom they are better suited.

The gradual blurring of the boundaries

Previously, the Forex trading require the mandatory installation of special software, upgrade items, load some indicators and much more. While mobile and web applications played a secondary role, allowing to observe the market and news. However, with the development of information technologies, their functionality is very close to the desktop versions.

Modern browser-based clients offer a wide range of tools, and in some cases even more effective than the classic terminal. Lately they are beginning to use more often, which incentivizes developers to improve.

Almost every crypto currency exchange offers its own version of terminal, but they are very similar and differ mostly in interface, layout and performance. Therefore, the main differences are terms of trade and work themselves sites, the level of liquidity and security.

Web clients kryptomere

One of the features of the market for virtual currency is what the majority of investors and speculators do not trade professionally. Many have received the coins in a result of mining, has acquired the assets due to their availability, prospects for portfolio diversification, and some just followed the fashion trends during last year’s boom.

These studies indicate that now the stock market only about 10% of professional traders. For other participants this kind of activity is not the primary, so they are not able to devote much time to trade, formation of strategies, learning the intricacies of forecasting. They do not need a special trading tools, and usually missing the web client available on the website of crypto currency exchange. Moreover, the majority offers not only a private option, but a popular TradingView.

It was his expert “International financial centre” Olga Prokhorova, recommends professional kriptosistem:

Browser-based services allow not only to complete transactions, technical analysis, but also provide all types of orders, their immediate execution and the possibility of additional settings. It does not require installation and regular update. Data is transmitted over secure channels. However, web clients are still not able to offer traders a full set of functions.

Desktop platform for trading

Although platforms that require installation of, actually tie the user to a specific computer, but they have not lost their relevance. Primarily, this is due to the maximum capacity when using them. They allow you to:

design and test your own strategy;
download non-standard indicators and tools;
analyze statistics;
to automate the process using scripts, expert advisors, robots.

Another advantage is the ability to work with multiple markets and charts. Users can also generate a lot of pending orders without blocking funds in the stock exchange, in parallel to put StopLoss and TakeProfit. Some platforms offer simultaneous management of assets on different exchanges and accounts, but they usually paid.

Installed terminals allow you to use a practice account, which is very useful for beginners. Desktop platform usually faster to process orders, which is very important for those working on short time.

Although trade through a special terminal on the PC and offers a lot of opportunities, but not always convenient and reasonable. This option is mandatory for those who are planning to do it professionally and spend most of their time delving into the features of the process, experimenting and delving into the specifics.

However, the local program does not provide the mobility required in modern life more complex for the initial perception. For development usually takes much more time than the intuitive interface of the web client. In addition, the stock market is virtually impossible to predict, but automated trading is not always effective.

The right choice

Each option has certain advantages, therefore, has its fans. However, they are not universal and opinion on them may differ in each specific situation. Despite this, there are absolutely no restrictions on the use of the most convenient applications.

On PC, it never hurts to set a desktop platform, and if you have time, you can use it to study, improve their trading skills and the most effective work. It is essential for professionals and fans of automated trading.

In this case, for ordinary investors and miners, not often, conducting transactions, it will be enough functionality as simple and easy to use web client. To work with which can even on your mobile phone without loss of efficiency. Sometimes such a feature allows to make trades that bring a good profit quickly or to avoid the loss of assets.

On the choice of the platform, Alexander Ageev, the analyst of the company “Finist”, recommends the exchange Binance because of its maximum volume of trading, provides high liquidity and a huge list of available tools. Additionally, the threshold amount of Deposit after registration to 2 BTC, and after the verification is unlimited. Easy to understand and use interface that allows you to work effectively both professionals and beginners.

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