The Colombian President promises free the blockchain startups from taxes


The Colombian President promises free the blockchain startups from taxes

In Colombia a new President. 7 August 2018 this position is held by Ivan Duque Marquez. In relation to the blockchain Ivan demonstrates all sorts of affection. It is symbolic that his father, Ivan Duque Escobar, from 1985 to 1986 he headed the Ministry of mines and energy under President Belisario Betancourt.

Ivan Duque Jr. is an educated man, and therefore advanced. He studied law at the University Sergio Arboleda (Colombia) and international economic law in the United States. Behind him at Georgetown University and Harvard business school.

Ivan was able to work Advisor Finance Minister Juan Manuel Santos (who later became President of Colombia) and an Advisor to the inter-American development Bank. The last four years, Duke spent as a Senator from the party “Democratic centre”, which despite the name is right.

And so a few weeks ago Ivan became President of Colombia. One of the first initiatives of the new President, tax cuts for crypto and blockchain startups. About Duque said during a presentation at the international Congress on information and communication technologies ANDICOM, held annually in Cartagena, Colombia. Let’s see how convincing he is.

The President admitted that he was just obsessed with new technologies. It attracts especially robotics and artificial intelligence. Colombia needs a regulator that controls the field of technology and communications, said Ivan, and promised to create a special body, the filing of which the country will move to a digital society.

The new President believes that the blockchain and artificial intelligence can help Colombia in the fight against corruption. To deal with what is: according to the corruption perception Index Colombia is on the 99th. That is, the less corruption there than in Ukraine (134th) and Russia (141), but more than New Zealand and Denmark (1 and 2 respectively).

In addition, the blockchain, in the opinion of the President of Colombia, will help to reform the judicial system and health services. Ivan promised to make a blockchain-tax haven companies — tax-exempt any startups for a period of five years provided that they create a certain number of new jobs.

If all things go well, Colombia could become a new Malta, new Train, new new the Bahamas or Bermuda. In the Senate the President has a lot of supporters: in June, the Colombian senators stated that “the blockchain can change a life”. In addition, in may in Colombia, the national Association of blockchains. On the other hand in June, Colombian banks noted the closure of the accounts of the crypto currency exchange Very, very interesting situation, isn’t it.

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