The company and the Blockchain Ledger will release a new hardware wallet


Bitria “news” of the Company and the Blockchain Ledger will release a new hardware wallet

Provider of crypto-wallets are Blockchain, co-operation started with the Ledger company engaged in the manufacture of hardware of cryptocurrency wallets. Their work will focus on the development of a dedicated hardware wallet that allows the owner of a cryptocurrency easy to manage your funds both online and offline, through a single interface, says in the press release.

Device Blockchain Lockbox is to combine the advantage of these firms. The new wallet allows customers to store one part of its assets in cold storage and the other in the web Blockchain wallet. The device combines hardware Ledger Nano’s, but the firmware from the company Blockchain.

Sales will begin in November this year, and it will cost $100. In turn, the Ledger company offers its clients the opportunity to link their Nano’s with the Blockchain wallet, so they can use the capabilities of online and offline asset management, as well as to access the functions of trade between wallets, Blockchain.

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