The company Circle has released three cryptocurrency basket


4 Oct American Invest company Circle launched three new investment products – crypto-currency basket consisting of multiple digital assets. Each koinu is assigned to the index depending on the main purposes of the blockchain of the project: creation of the payment system, the implementation of anonymous transactions or development platform for business.

The decision of the company’s management commented Vice-President of the Circle Divya Agarwalla:

“Many cryptocurrency projects aimed at solving the same tasks, but in different ways. Startups like Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Stellar and Litecoin create a payment system based on blockchain technology that simplifies the process of remittances. If you are interested in this particular category of digital assets, then you can buy the cryptocurrency cart “Payments” (payment system). Each coin in the basket are presented depending on the level of capitalization of the wound”.

Recently the cryptocurrency funds, consisting of several coins are very popular among investors. This is why cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase on September 28 released its basket titled “Bundle” (package), which presents 5 virtual currencies (Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic) is proportional to the level of market capitalization. It is important to note the low starting price of the crypto package from Coinbase – only $25!

Another us company, Bitwise, has applied to the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA with a proposal of a cryptocurrency exchange-traded Fund (ETF) called Bitwise10, which will consist of the top 10 in terms of capitalization of digital assets.

Experts say the complexity of the cryptocurrency market, many investors difficult to make a choice and to buy a particular digital asset, so people are willing to rely on the opinion of experts and to invest the money in the basket.

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