The company found illegally mining farm


In Togliatti, the security service of “AVTOVAZ” in one of the shops of the plant found a farm for mining cryptocurrency. Corporate automobile newspaper “Volzhsky avtostroitel” reported that the equipment was secretly installed in 19 the control room conveyors.

“The attacker has set up remote access to your equipment via the communication channel to the Internet. For these purposes, he can use a 4G USB-modem”, – reports “Volzhsky avtostroitel”.

According to the activity log of the control unit, mining was carried out from November 2017. Experts also managed to find a cryptocurrency wallet, which was displayed extracted digital assets. Transactions on this wallet was carried out from August 2016 to may 2018 and amounted to a total of the equivalent of more than 1.2 million rubles.

Also managed to calculate the approximate losses of the company. If you take into account that one unit consumes about 1000 kWh per month, AVTOVAZ had stolen electricity worth over 600 thousand roubles, provided that the mining was carried out from November 2017. If the farm was still installed in 2016, the amount will increase significantly.

The identity of the offender is already installed and working with him on law enforcement.

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