The company GMO will simplify mining zcash for using the new software


Japanese IT company GMO presented its new software for cryptocurrency miners zcash for.

In the press center of the Corporation said that the program Cryptknocker is designed for computational studies in the extraction of coins zcash for using Nvidia cards.

To install the software on standard personal computers, and download — absolutely free. However, the company will charge 2% of the profits of the miners, applying the new software to compensate for their costs of developing software.

According to the developers, Cryptknocker about 2% will increase the productivity of each mining pool.

Run the software for mining is the next step by the Japanese giant GMO to expand its presence in this segment. For example, in September last year, the company announced its intention to start mining-pool in Europe. She then systematically strengthened the power used for the production of digital assets.

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