The Creator of Litecoin disappointed in their offspring, and recommends buying bitcoin


The Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee nine months ago, sold all my coin LTC is not going to invest in their offspring for the foreseeable future. For koina bad times came and it is unlikely he will be able to get out of the pit.

During an interview on CNBC 27 Aug Charlie explained his decision to sell coins “conflict of interest”. What kind of conflict is it is unknown. At the same time, Li advised investors to buy LTC until the price koina is low! But give him credit: he recommends to buy at least 1 Bitcoin before purchasing any other cryptocurrency. Comments here are unnecessary.

Your coins LTC Charlie was sold at a record rate of $350. Cryptologist criticized his decision, but Lee defended its position, stating that he wants to focus on the development of the Litecoin blockchain. How in this case he could not prevent the coins – not to explain logically!

To support Litecoin decided by the head of the security Department of the company Blockstream Samson MOU: he argues that for long-term investment there are two optimal cryptocurrencies are BTC and LTC. But, words will not help. The situation with Litecoin resembles a sinking ship, the only difference is that the captain leaves the ship last.

It’s important to have diversification in a long term $crypto portfolio? No. If you bought anything other than $and BTC $LTC to hold back in 2013 you’d be thoroughly #REKT.

— Samson Mow (@Excellion) August 28, 2018

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