The criminal grouping of Ekaterinburg put up a fight for cryptocurrency banker


In Yekaterinburg, near the hotel “Caesar” came together in the fight 3 of the criminal group: “Naumovski”, “inundation” and representatives of Dagestan to find out who will be “kryshevat” a local banker who deals with cryptocurrencies.

The banker, whose name was not disclosed, paid “Naumovski” and “inundation” for the defense, and representatives of Dagestan under the leadership of “authority” the Bear and the businessman Makhach Kumakova wanted to become the “roof” of the businessman. During the dispute, after which escalated into a fight and was attended by 40-50 people.

“The brawl was planned “properly”. Several people acted as “vigilantes”, they are about the place of the fight and reported in time about the approaching SWAT officers. This helped more parts involved in the fight to escape from the scene before arrival of law enforcement. In the end, managed to detain only 11 people who were from the “inundation” and “Naumovski” groups. At the fight was discovered the traumatic gun and traces of blood,” — said the source.

In GU MVD in the Sverdlovsk region said that fighting had left the staff of criminal investigation Department of a regional Central Board and colleagues of the SWAT Regardie. Riot police in the operation were not involved. Caught the participants of the fight was taken to the duty of the territorial police Department. Whether to bring criminal proceedings against them have not yet decided.

It is known that the group of Yakovlevskoe belongs to Valeriy Yakovlev, who, according to system SPARK, previously, were among the co-founders of chop Yaguar, the elimination of which occurred in the year 2017. There is also information that he owned assets in the restaurant business. It is believed that in the 90 years he was connected with OPS “Uralmash” and OPG “Blue”.

Group “Naumovski” belongs to Oleg Naumov, who is known to many as “Naum”. He has to chop the “Team” and chop the “Grizzly”. According to available information, these two businessmen have connections in the criminal world of the region.

Grouping representatives of Dagestan is under the direction of the “authority” of the Bear and the businessman Makhach of Kumak. These individuals law enforcement known as “associated with the shadow fields”.

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