The crypto currency exchange Binance will donate the money for the listing of the tokens to charity


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced its plans to transfer all funds received for the listing of digital assets to a charity. Moreover, the company does not set a minimum fee for adding cryptocurrency on the platform!

All projects will have the same chances of a positive verdict on the question of listing. This was told by chief Executive officer Binance Changpeng Zhao:

“A large amount will not affect the decision-making procedure about adding of one or another cryptocurrency”.

At the same time, the exchange will make the listing process as transparent as possible: the company will publish the fees (called donations) on its official website.

Binance managed to occupy a leading position in the cryptocurrency market, thanks to competent strategy. The company is betting on new interesting projects that will benefit kriptonyte in General. In particular, it is worth noting the educational program Binance Academy, which is aimed at training specialists blockchain technology and effective work in Cryptoprotected. Binance also plans to expand his business, this firm intends to open 5 to 10 cryptobiotic exchanges in different countries of the world, including in Taiwan and Singapore.

According to Changpeng Zhao, kryptonyte actively developing, penetrating deeper into the mainstream financial sector. Therefore, the main objective Binance is to create tools that will facilitate the process of international recognition of digital assets.

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