The crypto currency exchange Bittrex will hold the delisting of the Bitcoin Gold


Because of disagreements between the management and Bittrex blockchain startup Gold Bitcoin crypto currency exchange has decided to delist coins BTG on September 14. The share Bittrex accounts for 3% of the total trading volume of BTG, so delisting coins will not have a strong impact on the market.

The problems began on may 19 this year after a 51% attack on the blockchain of Bitcoin to Gold, which resulted in the users of the exchange were stolen coin BTG. Bittrex has agreed to indemnify partially and stated that the rest should make a company Bitcoin Gold. The administration of the BTG offered to give a loan to cover the costs of the exchange, however, Bittrex from loan refused and decided to delist the cryptocurrency.

The developers of Bitcoin Gold does not admit his guilt in this situation and believe that the coin Heist occurred due to vulnerabilities in the security system of Bitrex. In their opinion, any business, which is the stock exchange, should consider the risks and to make amends.

Director BTG Jack Liao said that in order to conduct a 51% attack, the attackers rented computing power on NiceHash mining market. In defense of the miners was made by the founder of Bitmain Jihan Wu:

“It is possible that Jack Liao himself held a 51% attack to steal people’s cryptocurrency. I have information that he paid reporters for news publication in which the attack is accused mining company.”

3 July 2018, the developers held a Gold Bitcoin hard fork of the blockchain BTG to reduce the risk of recurrence of 51% attack. Nevertheless, the reputation of the project has already severely damaged the trust of the crypto community would be difficult to win, so future coin BTG remains a big question.

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