The crypto currency exchange Gemini hired a management from Wall Street


The new operating Director of crypto currency exchange Gemini was Janine Hightower-Sellitto, the former COO of the stock exchange International Securities Exchange (ISE), according to a press release.

The Winklevoss brothers hired another Manager with Wall Street: the new COO of the exchange Janine Hightower-Sellitto previously held the position of chief operating officer of ISE, a subsidiary of the NASDAQ stock market.

Janine has experience of the transformation of the ISE, which has chosen a strategy of growth after it was acquired by NASDAQ, which may facilitate and increase the exchange of the Winklevoss brothers, who are ready to expand to the European markets after launching stablein. In August it became known that the Nasdaq and Gemini plan to expand cooperation.

The new COO will be responsible for different business directions of the exchange and focuses on the improvement of the strategy and capabilities of the crypto currency exchange to manage institutional investments. Janine will form teams that will be able to provide high class services for asset managers and hedge funds.

Despite the visible presence of Gemini in the information field, according the Trading View the crypto currency exchange the Winklevoss brothers is less than 1% of the market of cryptocurrency trading. Strategy exchange much more cautious competitors, like Kraken or Coinbase, which are much more all coin.

This is not the first involvement of governors with Wall Street of the crypto currency exchange: in July, the Winklevoss brothers hired on as chief technology officer Robert Cornish, who previously worked at the NYSE.

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