The crypto currency exchange Gemini will add a trading pair with bitcoin Litecoin


During the summit, organized by the Litecoin blockchain startup, Vice-President of the American stock exchange Gemini Eric Winer announced the company plans to add a trading pair with bitcoin Litecoin 13 Oct 2018.

In may of this year, the Gemini exchange has received permission from the new York Department of financial services in the cash trade Bitcoin, Litecoin and zcash for. After receiving the green light from financial regulatory body, the company management decided to expand the list of supported cryptocurrencies. Besides, the stock exchange released its own cryptocurrency Gemini stable dollar in the Ethereum blockchain. Its rate is pegged to the us dollar at a ratio of 1:1

At the summit in San Francisco was attended by the Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee. He expressed his opinion about the future of kriptonyte:

“I think first and foremost we need to solve the problem of scalability of the blockchain and expand its customer base cryptocurrency. The development of Bitcoin and Litecoin will contribute to developments such as payment Protocol Lightning network and technology Saidjanov (sidechains)”.

According to Lee, it is now necessary to concentrate on solving problems existing in kriptonyte. Improving the technology of distributed databases will increase the number of users of the cryptocurrency to increase the liquidity of digital assets and trust business.

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