The crypto currency exchange Huobi has launched a social network


Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has launched a beta version of social network called Huobi Chat. On the platform can not only communicate, but also to obtain the reward tokens Huobi Chat Token (HCT)!

Huobi Chat app is developed based on blockchain technology, at the moment the company has released a version of the program for the operating systems Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. The application includes several important functions, including:

  • Messenger.
  • Payment system.
  • Information about the state of the cryptocurrency market.
  • A news section.
  • Game.
  • Entertainment.

It is important to note that the beta program is only by invitation that were sent to 1270 customers of the exchange Huobi. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the platform is its business model “social mining”, through which the user will get Huobi Chat Token (HCT) as a reward for using and advertising the social network.

Platform the two main rivals Huobi Chat – Twitter and Telegram – was captivated by the fraud, moreover, there were reports about vulnerabilities in the security system of the Russian messenger. If the user Huobi will be able to guarantee the reliability and security of the application, Huobi chat will certainly attract the attention of the crypto community and will be the first full-fledged cryptocurrency social network!

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