The crypto currency exchange MapleChange closed after break-in. Customers will not return the money


Representatives of the canadian companies reported that they have no opportunity to pay damages to anyone and then deleted the accounts of the platform in social networks

Hackers broke into a small cryptocurrency exchange from Canada MapleChange, after which its leaders reported that they are unable to pay damages, so close the platform and all its accounts in social networks. A few hours after that, the group of investors who called themselves “Maplechang’ed” found CEO and published his name and address on Twitter.

CEO MapleChange was the technical specialist of the company American Equipment Pildriving Glad Poenaru. Then Twitter exchange was reopened, which it was reported that the company has not disappeared, just its leadership must reflect on the decision, and disabling the accounts was temporary.

“Guys, we are not gone. We just temporarily disabled the accounts to reflect the decision. We will not be able to indemnify all users, however, will open the wallets because they left that people brought (I hope) their money,” wrote representatives of the marketplace.

At the moment an unknown amount of damage, however when one of the clients of the company required to reimburse 93 of bitcoin, he responded that the site never had more than five bitcoins, even in the most active time. Representatives MapleChange confirmed that they will be able to return the funds in Bitcoin and Litecoin, when told that he will retain and Conceal the tokens Lumeneo, which are almost not traded on the other exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchange now available, the link to the site for posting complaints were invalid. Apparently, the company decided to stick to the original plan and its management disappeared.

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