The Crypto Currency Exchange Mt. Gox Bitcoin and sold the Bitcoin for cash of $230 million


On 25 September it became known that the Trustee cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi in the period from 7 March to 22 June 2018 sold 24,658 coins Bitcoin and Bitcoin 25,331 cash totaling $230 million.

Kobayashi said that the purpose of the sale of cryptocurrency is to protect the interests of clients who had stolen digital assets in case of a hacker attack. Previously, he confirmed the sale of BTC and BCH $400 million within six months from September 2017. Cryptologist subjected his actions criticized: instead of having to make OTC transactions for the sale of digital assets, Nobuaki traded coins on cryptocurrency exchanges that significantly affected the value of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to cash.

At the moment in a cold wallet exchange is 137,891 koin BTC and the same BCH, and therefore, on account of the exchange is about $945 million. These coins managed to return after breaking trading platform in 2014. According to the court, financial assets owned by the Mt. Gox will be spent on the compensation of the traders. In order to receive compensation, you must apply on the company website till 22 Oct 2018. Payment of funds will be done according to the approved plan by the court. Kobayashi reassured all customers of the exchange, stating that compensation will be paid in cryptocurrency, and all the remaining digital assets are sold.

To monitor the balance of cryptocurrency wallet Mt. Gox you can use the service Cryptoground. Let’s hope that the four-year drama will have a happy ending, and all the victims will compensate the damage in full.

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