The crypto currency exchange WEX will be sold to Dmitry “the Sailor”, Chevchenko


The crypto currency exchange WEX will be sold to Dmitry “the Sailor”, Chevchenko

Cryptocurrency exchange WEX (formerly BTC-e) will be handed over to Dmitry, Halchenko, known by the nickname “Sailor”. He was declared wanted by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine in the middle of the summer of 2012 because of the case of fraud in especially large sizes.

Edition ForkLog reports that he has a recording of the webinar with the Director of WEX Dmitry Vasiliev. In his video he says he signed all the papers and made a video confirmation that he has no complaints about the transaction. The agreement was signed on July 21. In order to complete the transaction, you must provide verification of Bank accounts in Singapore. After ready the Bank statements, the legal representatives of the contractors will continue to discuss the further fate of the WEX.

The exchange was given to Dmitry, Chevchenko free. Director of WEX in his video says he would be willing even to pay for the transfer stock exchange, as its condition was not satisfactory.

“Access to bitcoin was, the team gradually changed and I was asked to act as media person of the grounds on which I refused. I had a personal agreement with the former admin about payment of debts to BTC-e and is there a third party — new team, which initially pushed me, then the admins, and nobody understands what’s going on. With the new year debt payments stopped, I in fact assume the position of a nominee Director and is responsible for legal issues of the exchange. The old team is completely with me stopped talking,” – commented on the situation Vasiliev.

Further Vasilyev told that he met “Sailor”, when his lawyers sought a “roof” for WEX. He was the initiator of the transaction, after which the business “died”.

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