The crypto currency exchange Zaif fully compensate the losses of traders


Representatives of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif has published a plan for the return of funds stolen in the hacker attack on the platform in September 2018. In addition, the Zaif has signed an agreement with the investment firm Fisco on the transfer of business in cryptocurrency trading platform Cryptocurrency Exchange Fisco.

20 Sep criminals managed to break the exchange Zaif and steal Bitcoin, cash Bitcoin and Monacoin for $60 million. To compensate for the losses, the company signed a partnership agreement with the firm Fisco, which is involved in trading Bitcoin with 2016. Fisco promised to compensate damage to victims of hacker attacks in full: traders a return of the stolen bitcoins and Bitcoin cash, Monacoin payment will be made in Fiat currency at the rate of $1.28 per coin. After completion of a plan to return the money exchange Zaif stop working.

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