The current price of Litecoin is below its real value


Bitria “news” the Current Litecoin price is below its real value

Litecoin is trading much below its real value. By this view came market analyst, Mati Greenspan eToro writing your report.

He praised the technical and fundamental factors influencing the course of bitcoin.

Evaluating the technical side of Litecoin, he notes the importance of the implementation of the PoW for the blockchain cryptocurrencies. At the moment it is the dominant currency, using the PoW mechanism, which is resistant to attack 51%.

Also in the report he praises developers that created a cryptocurrency not as a competitor to bitcoin, but as a complement to the flagship cryptocurrency that allows LTC to BTC to bind themselves by adopting innovations such as SegWit and Lightning Network.

Greenspan, argues in the report that the cryptocurrency has become more widespread, in contrast to similar cryptocurrencies, with the same rating or higher. At the moment LTC is 2 times more daily active addresses (DAU) than the BCH.

The recent announcement about the purchase of Fund Litecoin 9.9 percent stake in German Bank WEG Bank, may further increase the level of adoption of LTC.

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