The Deputy of the state Duma called on to develop the blockchain in the far East


State Duma Deputy Oksana Bondar reported the need to develop blockchain technology in the far East and the imminent opening of the technology clusters in the region.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on regional policy and problems of North and Far East Oksana Bondar noted that blockchain technology will help residents of remote areas to receive quality public services, and in this connection it will launch in the region technological cluster aimed to support startups venture funding:

“Many settlements of the Far East are removed from the Center — because of that, people very uncomfortable to receive some services. For example, to obtain a power of attorney from the notary, you must personally go to the office. The development of blockchain technology in the region could solve such problems”

The MP also stressed that the far East remains particularly relevant to the development of quality telemedicine.

Also in September, in the framework of the fourth Eastern Economic Forum (WEF-2018), which was held in Vladivostok, it was decided to establish on the island of Russian (Primorsky Krai, far Eastern Federal district) “the centre of digital development” to research and testing not regulated by the legislation of the innovation. During the speech of the President of Russia at world economic forum, Vladimir Putin instructed the government to assign the island of Russian a special status, making this part of the Primorye territory in the development of modern technological projects.

Also in the region, especially to the WEF, Amur oblast has issued 1 million regional token — amormino (AmurCoin).

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