The developers have strengthened the security of cryptocurrency wallet TronWallet


In-app have added features facial scan and fingerprint, the program is available for operating systems Android and iOS

Customers e-wallet TronWallet can now use your fingerprint and face scanner to unlock the app. The program is available on mobile devices with operating systems Android and iOS.

Version of crypto-currency wallet for iOS appeared in August, she was unavailable for a long time because of the complexity of development. Client for Android have been presented previously.

Security — the problem the blockchain industry, according to the company, Positive Technology, in 2018, the hackers began attacking cryptocurrency exchanges twice as often. Professionals have given you with several recommendations on how to save their money, for example, do not download files from suspicious resources and use only complex passwords.

Previously a security expert at Google mark Risher advised users not to share their income online. The expert stressed that most investors wallets hacked after that.

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