The developers of Bitcoin Cash created a new wallet


The developers of Bitcoin Cash created a new wallet

The team Bitcoin Cash has released a new BCH-wallet, something resembling Metamask — ETH-client is running as an extension in Google Chrome. is the Chrome extension. Yet it exists in the form of beta and, looking ahead, we say that the developers did not explain why the called the new program “baruchim purse”.

On a new purse for working programmers Spendbch, Bitbox, Simple Ledger and According to the developers, Badgerwallet “will be the gates to the world of BCH-tokens and decentralized applications.” All those wishing to participate in the testing of the product please as soon as possible to join the program.

Interface is absolutely clear and Badgerwallet like Kryptokit, and the already mentioned Metamask. In order to test the wallet, it must be downloaded from the project website and install the Chrome browser. Because Badgerwallet is in beta stage, page Chrome extension must be configured on the “developer mode”.

In the meantime, a new product for Bitcoin Cash test pass, coming November 15. On this date scheduled hardwork Bitcoin Cash. Recently, the developers of the service are silent, although during the summer almost daily engaged in a verbal altercation with each other. Reached before, what even representatives of other platforms began to speak about the situation with Bitcoin Cash. For example, acne Buterin stated that BCH-community should not compromise with Wright to avoid a split. “Hardwork is an opportunity to finally get rid of Craig, said Buterin. Bitcoin Craig (BCC) can use the Ticker is not already an existing project, whose successor he is.”

Recall that the main developer of the Bitcoin ABC of Amory Sucheta wants to implement a new algorithm preliminary consensus. Craig Wright, another well-known developer of Bitcoin Cash and chief scientific officer of the company nChain, categorically against this decision. Wright plans to hold hardwork, during which the network will be implemented the Bitcoin Protocol SV — fully restaurierung the original Bitcoin Protocol.

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