The developers of Bitcoin to Cash has launched a system of storing and sharing data


The developers of Bitcoin to Cash has launched a system of storing and sharing data

The blockchain Bitcoin Cash launched a new service — Bitcoinfiles. It is a system of storing and sharing data, performing the role of decentralized messenger.

Almost a few times a month the developers released new Bitcoin Cash applications for this service. The blockchain Bitcoin Cash, you can create digital assets, spend ICO, host sites, and now exchange messages: the creators Bitcoinfiles launched the first official version of this product.

Why the need for this service? The developers explain that all the existing to date, the services for information exchange are centralized and, therefore, censored. Can solve the problem of peer-to-peer platform to exchange messages. It is this possibility and provides Bitcoinfiles.

The user of the new service can be placed in the blockchain and extract from it a small information fragment is 5 KB. In fact it is the blockchain file sharing, only for small files. Developers James Kramer, Attila AROS and Hapticpilot report that the processing and file download will cost the user $0.25, but you can download free. The download takes less than a minute. To download you have to send the recipient the URL of the file and it’s in the bag!

Say Bitcoinfiles can change the existing communication system for users to exchange messages do not need to register and pass the verification of identity. But this system, like a coin, has its reverse side: it allows you to download the blockchain ON the computer. How to deal with this is unknown, especially because the project can be implemented in any other blockchain.

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