The developers of Ethereum postponed hardwork Constantinople in 2019


The developers of Ethereum postponed hardwork Constantinople in 2019

The long-awaited upgrade activation Constantinople delayed until next year. The Ethereum developers have confirmed the postponement, caused by the problematic launch of Constantinople in the test Ethereum.

Constantinople ordered to wait long

On October 13 testname Ethereum — Ropsten was activated hardwork Constantinople. But the test was accompanied by many failures. So, in the last block prior to activation of mining in Ropsten suddenly stopped. The reason, according to developers, could be either a problem with the update to the code base, or the reluctance of miners to activate Constantinople, after which it is activated, the reward for found block will be reduced from 3 to 2 ETH. The process of extraction of blocks resumed two hours later.

Then the miners in the test Ethereum managed to get the first unit activated Constantinople, but to confirm the transaction failed. In addition, in Ropsten error occurred consensus where there had been a triple fork between the Geth and Parity.

During a Friday conference call October 19, the Ethereum developers have discussed the incident and came to the conclusion that the activation of Constantinople in the main Ethereum should be postponed until 2019. The earliest period was called the end of January next year.

“I think that we’re in a hurry. We need to stop and see what happens,” said the developer of African Soden.

Head of security Ethereum Foundation Martin Holste the Svend also suggested to consider adding in Constantinople ProgPow code, which aims to not afford to get ETH on the specialized equipment of the ASIC and to support small GPU miners, which will help to support the decentralized nature of the network.

Hardwork — sounding name too

An interesting proposal was introduced for discussion one of the developers under the name of Dmitry. He suggested to change to stop calling hardforum Constantinople and rename it to update. A grain of truth in this sentence, saw developed by Hudson Jameson, who noted that thus update will be more contentious and “politically” colored.

Constantinople the second stage of hard forks Metropolis in Ethereum. First — Byzantium — was held last fall. Constantinople will lead to lower reward for miners mined a block with 3 ETH 2 ETH up to, and will also allow you to activate the Casper Protocol, which is required for translation of Ethereum on the hybrid consensus algorithm PoW/PoS.

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