The developers of Ethereum postponed hardwork Constantinople until January 2019


The developers of Ethereum postponed hardwork Constantinople until January 2019

The developer community Ethereum agreed with the conclusions expressed after the recent testing Protocol needs to be expanded, and therefore, hardforum network will have to wait until at least Jan.

Initially it was assumed that Constantinople will be held in October or November of this year, but try to activate the Protocol in the test network Ropsten has identified a number of shortcomings, correction of which will take time. So January — “this is the earliest time” when hardwork can be carried out.

As reported Hash#Telegraph, the test Protocol in the test network Ropsten 13 Oct went wrong from the very beginning — first on the block 4299999 for two hours stalled mining. Then the first unit with the support of Constantinople was created, but the network is experiencing “the problem of consensus.” Played his part and testing on the weekends.

In addition, the tests took place six days after the client logs off Geth and just a day after the release of the client Parity, which did not give users enough time to upgrade. And bargain for everything in your code Parity was discovered consensus bug.

The purpose of the implementation of the Protocol Constantinople — improving the efficiency of network operation, key features of the Protocol are reducing the reward per block for miners and changes in the mechanism of a consensus network that should make life difficult for ASIC miners.

However, the changes would enter into force not all and not immediately. Previously, developers had to come to the conclusion that the gradual introduction of all planned changes — so, “a bomb of complexity” has been postponed for a year.

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