The developers of Monero announced the successful completion of hard forks


The developers of Monero announced the successful completion of hard forks

Planned hardwork Monero, after which the network of this privacy-oriented cryptocurrency activated Protocol Bulletproofs, successfully carried out. This was announced by the developers of the project.

The scheduled protocol upgraded went successfully and Monero compatible Bulletproofs are thus live on mainnet! ?

— Monero || #xmr (@monero) October 18, 2018

The current hardwork took place on the block 1685555, and already known unit, which will be the next upgrade of the network. It will be a block 1686275, which will be activated version 9 of the software that makes use of Bulletproofs required.

Protocol Bulletproofs replaced technology “mutual confidential transaction (RingCT), and the developers hope that its activation size anonymous transactions on the network Monero will decrease by 80% and significantly reduced the fee.

The last hope, apparently, not without reason. As stated in another tweet representatives of the project at the moment, the fee for a standard transaction is in the range of $0.005 to $0.01.

Note that the fee for a typical Monero transaction is currently approximately $0.005-$0.01! ?

— Monero || #xmr (@monero) October 18, 2018

As previously reported ForkLog, last updated network Monero also contains a number of changes to the mining algorithm aiming to fight against ASIC miners.

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