The developers Siacoin announced hardwork to block ASIC-mining


The team Siacoin (SC) abandoned its initial decision to allow ASIC Bitmain devices and Innosilicon to dominate the network and spend for this purpose, hardwork. The upgrade to version 1.3.6 ON Siacoin to be held on October 31, after which the main part Hasrat network will be private miners lead developer of the cryptocurrency David Viorica.

1/4 Big announcement: the Sia core team has decided to reset the Proof-of-Work algorithm to brick and Bitmain ASIC Innosilicon hardware via hardfork. Blog post here.

— Sia Tech (@SiaTechHQ) October 1, 2018

Disagreements about the methods used to ensure network consensus algorithm Proof-of-Work pursued community Siacoin for a long time. They are associated primarily with a project to launch its own mining equipment Obelisk, developed by the parent company of the project is Nebulous.

The start-up of equipment in manufacturing was planned in late 2017, but was postponed, and then was arrested and his delivery. At the same time, its production equipment Siacoin presented mining giant Bitmain actually putting into question the further prospects of the project and lanhydrock.

After some time, the idea to restrict the ability of mining on Bitmain equipment and allow to mine the cryptocurrency only on the equipment of the Obelisk. It also made differences in the community Siacoin, part of which in General had rightly asked the question about the openness and decentralization of the network.

But, if in January of this year, the decision was made not to block mining with HAS s from Bitmain and Innosilicon, now it is revised as of October 1, designated hardwork.

“After lengthy discussions within the community and more detailed study of the Economics of ASIC mining, the Sia Core team decided to update the algorithm Proof-of-Work to block the equipment Bitmain and Innosilicon”, — wrote David Vorik.

He also said that the initial decision to abandon hard forks led to the fact that many users left the community. The latest news from the developers, meanwhile, have had a positive impact on the price of SC – over the past day has increased by more than 7%.

ForkLog continues to monitor developments.

We will remind, in June in China was arrested 16 persons who earned $800 thousand on illegal mining Siacoin in Internet cafes in dozens of cities.

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