The Director of “Deep web” has shot a new film about the blockchain


The Director of “Deep web” has shot a new film about the blockchain

Alex winter for many years takes a documentary. After films on file-sharing sites and darkweb services, he decided to make a film completely dedicated to blockchain technology.

British Director Alex winter is interested not only in technology. For example, this year he promises to finish work on a film about Frank Zappa. But the number of paintings in the filmography of winter, dedicated to technology, is impressive. The most famous of them — “Deep web” — the story of Silk Road in which the narration reads Keanu Reeves.

New work Alex called Trust the Machine, and the narration in this film will also read Hollywood star Rosario Dawson. By the way, one of the producers of the picture is Joseph Lubin — canadian entrepreneur, one of the founders of Ethereum.

Trust the Machine — it’s about everything. Key players of the market explain how a distributed registry and why is it required. Yet imagine what a film it is possible only on the basis of the trailer and information on the project website.

Trust Machine — the first Studio SingularDTV. This is no ordinary Studio, a blockchain startup, created on the basis of the Ether. With the new service, filmmakers can make a crowdfunding campaign and spread the ready material.

“The consequences of the invention of Bitcoin is huge, says winter. — These changes affect our entire culture. Never seen anything like that. That’s why I made this documentary. I began researching this issue a lot of time and was going to tell a story that would complement my previous two films — Downloaded and the Deep Web. Given the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain now is the best time to release this picture.”

Premier Trust Machine will be held in new York on 26 October 2018.

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