The Director of the Mt Gox does not recognize fraud charges


CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Mt Gox, mark Karpeles has called on the Federal court of the state of Illinois (USA) to reject lawsuits from former customers.

Us investors accuse Karpeles of fraud, negligence and misappropriation of the income of the company. However, the Mark point to the fact that the exchange has not carried out its work throughout the state, so the court’s jurisdiction does not extend to the activity of Mt. Gox. Karpeles’s lawyer claims that his client was not in charge of the work exchange in the territory of Illinois and was not engaged in business in the U.S. moreover, the harm the victim suffered is not the result of criminal intent Karpeles, but because of a hacker attack on the company.

Confidant Mt. Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi, has launched a service for receiving requests from customers of the exchange to receive compensation. Now in the accounts of Mt. Gox is stored 137,891 coins Bitcoin, the money will be used for reimbursement of losses to investors. Until January 24, Mt. Gox plans to review all applications and then start the process cryptocurrency payments to the victim.

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