The dominance of BTC will save the stock market


Bitria “news” Domination BTC will save the stock market

Analyst Fundstrat Tom Lee believes that the cryptocurrency market will save you from a fall only the dominance of bitcoin.

Dominance on the market of bitcoin is the ratio of the individual market capitalization of BTC and the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies.

To date, the dominance of bitcoin is 48.5% and according to Whether it reflects the fact that investors do react to bullish developments in the bitcoin space. He believes that the increasing dominance shows that investors take into account the upcoming stock market ETFs and ICE. As Lee said, the news prompted investors to decide what is “bitcoin is the best house in a tough neighborhood”.

Lee also urges investors to take the place of Asian investors, as they receive a large number of new investments that are less likely to be familiar with the ICE or will know the meaning of the latest news.

While the recent bear market may be discouraging for many, the increasing dominance really is a sign that BTC is consolidating market power.

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