The dominant form. How to change the market share of Bitcoin


In the world there are two thousand altcoins, but only one of them occupies more than half of the market

One of the significant indicators of the asset is its market share. The cryptocurrency, which is a significant part of the industry can affect other digital money at least due to its “weight”. In the second half of October, the share of Ethereum, for example, 10%, and XRP is 8.5%. However, the highest market share, predictable, Bitcoin.

When a coin was only issued, it was the only one of its kind, so its market share was 100%. However, then began to appear altcoins, which is now more than two thousand, and the dominance of bitcoin is gradually decreased. In 2013 it was equal to 95%, but in the next four years, gradually descended and 19 June 2017 fell to 39%.

For 2018, a cryptocurrency fell dozens of times, while the volatility of bitcoin has decreased significantly, and the cost was lower only in 65%, XRP, a token, for example, lost up to 90% of the price. Recently, the share of bitcoin again exceeded 50%, at the moment it is 53%.

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