The essence of mikronizirovanny and options platforms


The essence of mikronizirovanny and options platforms

Mikronizirovanne is a relatively new, but has become a popular form of investing money, the essence of which is reflected in the title. The money is invested in very small portions. In addition, companies working with and investing take a very small Commission for operation and maintenance. With mikroblogerami began to operate as a traditional investment company, and their digital counterparts – mobile apps and online services. The emergence of such practices reflects the growing demand is far from the financial market people accumulate and make a little money.

The benefits of mikronizirovanne:

  • the investor does not have to be financial literate
  • the sum of contributions so small that they are accessible to everyone regardless of income
  • because if you want money from the account you can not withdraw, then in a few years, you can save a noticeable amount
  • the money goes into the account regularly in automatic mode

Thanks to these features, mikronizirovanne received special recognition from young people are not willing to invest large sums, but wanting without any trouble to earn or save money.

Services and companies to mikronizirovanne in stock assets

Interest mikronizirovanny became evident about 4 years ago when it became obvious that after the 2008-2010 recession people have lost confidence in traditional financial instruments and are not willing to risk investing large sums in exchange transactions. The proliferation of mikronizirovanne became a way out of this situation. Regular small investments seem less risky, and earned in case of success the money is a nice bonus. The new format has spread rapidly and was successfully used as a traditional investment companies and FINTECH startups.


Minimum contribution – $10

Monthly fee – 0.09% – 0.29%

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.- major brokerage and investment company with headquarters in California. Is a leader among inexpensive investment companies in the US. It owns several index funds, working with beginner investors, for example, the Schwab S&P 500, investing stock big stock of U.S. companies, or Schwab Total Stock Market, tracking the Dow Jones US.


Minimum balance – no

An annual fee is 0.25% with the balance up to $10,000

Online investment company with its headquarters in new York. The amount of capital under management – more than $13.5 billion. Provides a range of services, including consultations, autoinfection from Bank accounts, pension funds, risk management. Financial Betterment is the classic Robo-adviser, making the process of investing available to everyone for a very modest fee. The company operates with a diversified portfolio including stocks, bonds and index funds. Fees for transferring money from the savings account to the investment is charged. To get started requires registration and filling out the questionnaire, as well as information about the Bank account, the details of which are checked. The withdrawal account is free. You can download a mobile app.


Minimum Deposit – $5

The annual fee is $12 for balance below $5,000 or 0.25% per annum of the balance above this amount.

Supported Finance giants such as PayPal, Bain Capital Ventures, and Ashton Kutcher”s Sound Ventur, a company Acorns, based in California, developed the first mobile app to investing in traditional assets.

The application allows you to assign a debit or credit card to the investment portfolio, consisting of stocks, bonds, investment funds ETFs. Each time you use your card on your account in the app is sent the difference between the purchase price and its rounded value. As soon as you accumulate $5, the app automatically sends them to your investment portfolio. At the initial stage of work the monthly fee is $1 per month. With balance of $5000 Aagp takes a Commission – 0.25%. For students in the presence of valid email addresses to educational institutions free of charge.


RobinHood is a mobile application that provides rather cheap services of the trading platform, rather than a financial consultant. Its advantage is the absence of trading commissions, although for some species of European securities it exists. Works with shares and bonds traded on U.S. exchanges. The disadvantage of the platform is that it does not sell fractional shares. After opening the account, the client transfers money from your Bank account to the service account and starts trading. The maximum transaction amount is $1,000. Requires elementary knowledge of the basic principles of stock trading. Money account is free. The Commission is taken for Bank transfers.


Minimum Deposit – $5

Annual fee – $12

The application was launched in the first half of 2017, and since then the number of users has grown to 850 000. The company manages capital more than $40 million unlike many similar services that offer financial Robo-advisors, services Stash for customers with a balance less than $5,000 are paid not monthly but weekly, allowing you to save money. In addition, Stash provides users with fractional shares ETF and participation in the investment plan Buffett, for the purchase of fractional shares of class B Fund, Berkshire Hathaway. Stash linked to the Bank account used to withdraw money and as a source of contributions. For the first month is free of charge.

The Russian segment of mikronizirovanne

Russian companies do not hurry to give the clients a choice of tools to mikronizirovanny to work on the exchange. The existing possibilities look more like crowdfunding than through traditional investment process. However, about a year ago, there have been several apps released by banks, which can hardly be attributed to microinvestitionen, since their functionality is limited mainly to trading operations with a limited number of assets. Their relevance is difficult to judge, because banks are not known neither the number of users or volume of transactions.

In 2017 Tinkoff Bank released app “Tinkoff Investments”. Minimum Deposit is 99 rubles., but the Commission is 0.3% of the transaction amount.

In June 2018 on the launch platform for investing Yammi has announced the company FinEx and Yandex Money. Portfolio management will be automatic. The main financial instrument will be the ETF, including the 12, provider which is FinEx. Minimum Deposit amount is 5 000 rubles, monthly payment – from 2000, the investment period is 1 year. Commission for account maintenance – 1.5% per year of the portfolio’s value, but not less than 3.5. For compensation payments to service the user with a minimum contribution will need to earn no less than 1000 RUB. Withdrawal of money on Yandex purse – free Bank account – 3.5%.

It is obvious that mikronizirovanne in Russia, unlike other countries, is not popular neither companies nor users. High rates and minimal fees, the unstable economic situation and mistrust of the financial system as a whole are not conducive to building long-term financial plans as companies and individuals. Only the most desperate optimists can hope that this situation will change in the near future.

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