The Ethereum took fifth place in the ranking of fast-growing projects


According to the new statistics of GitHub service, which developers use to work on projects with open-source implementation of the Ethereum Protocol called Geth now ranks fifth in the ranking of fast-growing projects.


The ranking was determined taking into account all innovative areas, including machine learning, games, 3D printing and the Internet of things (IoT). Although this statistic is difficult to account for blockchain projects, because they can be represented in multiple repositories, yet it is probably the first case when any blockchain project managed to achieve such a high line in this rating. However, the achievements do not end there.

The top ten fastest growing in the fourth place, with decentralized apps, crypto-currencies is located on the sixth position, and smart contracts at the ninth.


Also the increased interest of developers to the Ethereum shows Google Trends, namely, the queries associated with decentralized applications and smart contracts. Their value remains stable over the whole year, despite the fact that the interest of a wider audience for bitcoin has fallen along with its price, currently estimated at only 7 points out of 100.


It is worth noting that a week and a half will be a Devcon conference, which this year will attract more developers of Ethereum than ever, says Trusrnodes. This may mean that soon more and more talented programmers will come in Ethereum with the aim to develop new products.

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