The exchange Huobi will add four crypto-currency equivalent of the U.S. dollar


The representatives of the trading platform called the date when customers will be able to work with coins from companies TrustToken, Circle, Gemini and Paxos

Major cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has announced the listing of four tokens, the value of which is pegged to the US dollar from TUSD TrustToken, USDC from the Circle, GUSD from Gemini and PAX from Paxos. The company representatives stressed that they did not plan to abandon support Tether, writes CoinDesk.

Vice President, platform Livio van called Tether one of the largest tablconv. The specialist explained the listing of other cryptocurrency counterparts of the US dollar with the desire to give users the right choice.

“It will take time to other stabilini were able to catch up with the Tether. We do not plan to restrict the sale, Deposit or withdrawal USDT, but I want to give users the right of choice,” said Livio van.

Earlier exchange OKEx added the same four stablon. It happened at the time, as the value of the token Tether fell sharply to $0.92, and the network appeared information that the company is experiencing solvency problems. Director of legal compliance Tether Leonardo RIL denied these rumors and stated that cryptocurrency is fully secured by U.S. dollars.

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