The exchange Poloniex problems. Bitcoin fell


On the marketplace function does not work input and output the first cryptocurrency. Its price is gradually reduced during the day

Clients of the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex reported problems with depositing and withdrawing bitcoins, the company confirmed this problem. On the night of 17 October, 16 hours ago, the team has promised to fix the problem in next few hours.

The following update they published at 15:38 Moscow time, in which he said that continuing to work and hoped that soon the situation will change. At the same time, the price of bitcoin gradually reduced over the last few hours it dropped to $90 from $6600 to $6510.

A day course is the first cryptocurrency fell by 1% during this time Ethereum fell by 1.5%, token XRP has risen by 2%. Total market capitalization declined by $2 billion to $209 billion.

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