The forecast from the brothers Winkelvoss on cryptocurrency


The forecast from the brothers Winkelvoss on cryptocurrency

Adaptation of cryptocurrencies – a matter of time. So says Tyler Winklevoss, stating that kryptomere need to be equal to Japan.

Tyler Winklevoss, the famous CEO of the exchange, Gemini, spoke about possible adaptation of cryptocurrencies in a world ruled by Fiat. In his speech, he noted that this long journey through wall Street and other major financial sector, which sooner or later will be passed.

His remarks resonate with the idea of institutional investment, and it seems that in this case the Winklevoss believes that cryptologist will have to wait a while before you will see institutional investment in bitcoin. In his opinion, for large financial groups will need time to actually start integrating with cryptocurrency.

In fact, for a long time, institutional investors were on the sidelines because of the created veil of uncertainty that has shrouded the cryptocurrency. Investors on wall Street are waiting to clarify the positions of controllers token and other financial instruments in the market (such as the proposal for the bitcoin ETF).

The volatility and uncertainty caused by the lack of regulation. This position is the worst enemy of the industry. However, how long will cryptologist have to wait for certainty – nobody knows. At the moment, the fate of the cryptocurrency market is in the hands of regulators.

Large institutions are reluctant to work with digital assets at least until they can’t be sure of their safety and legality. Also the Winklevoss noted that most countries should take Japan as a model in questions about how to work with new digital tools. In particular, he noted that it is necessary to gain experience on the regulation of exchanges and the creation of a legal framework in the Asian colleagues.

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