The Foundation’s support of Bitcoin will be headed by Giacomo Zucco


Alena Corvids and Giacomo Zucco announced at the conference in Riga on a new Fund to promote Bitcoin — The B Foundation.

During the outbreak yesterday in Riga one of the most anticipated in the bitcoin community conferences for the the first cryptocurrency — Baltic Honeybadger 2018, Alain Corvidae, co-founder and CEO Satoshi Labs, and Giacomo Zucco, Director of BHB NETWORK, announced the creation of the Foundation, The B Foundation.

The B Foundation will collect donations and contributions from commercial projects to promote Bitcoins to support future development, as well as to give scholarships and grants to developers.

In addition, the Foundation under the leadership of Giacomo Zucco will provide Advisory services to developing projects.

Twitter immediately there was a post from The B Foundation on the launch of the project and the promise of speedy news. According to the publication, the Foundation is supported by such stars of the crypto community as Adam Back (Chapter Blockstream), Elizabeth stark (CEO Lightning Labs), Max Kaidun (exchange HodlHodl), Jameson Lopp (former engineer at BitGo), Brian Bishop (Bitcoin Core developer) and others.

It’s happening!

We’re announcing “The B” with the kind support of @AlenaSatoshi @adam3us @starkness @giacomozucco @pavolrusnak @slushcz @francispouliot_ @keidunm @kanzure @lopp and more soon to be announced..

— The B (@TheB_Foundation) September 23, 2018

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