The French from the beginning of 2018 gave cryptomaterial more than 30 million euros


The French from the beginning of 2018 gave cryptomaterial more than 30 million euros

The French authorities are sounding the alarm — the number of citizens who lost their savings due to fraudulent schemes offering investments in the cryptocurrency, hundreds, and the damage is estimated at €31 million.
By the French stock market regulator Autorite des Marches Financiers (AMF), the activity of scammers has greatly increased with the beginning of 2018. Immediately after a record rally, when about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in General first heard many potential investors.

According to AMF, the scammers new generation is much more creative than their predecessors, promising fabulous earnings on Forex or binary options.

The victim lured to a carefully planned advertising and long lead cradling her vigilance, consistently paying its expected profit, until, finally, yet tasted the taste of money, the investor will not risk to part with a considerable sum for yourself.

As an example, Le Parisien cites a typical story of 65-year-old retired investor who lost through the fault of fraud of €43 thousand Saw the ad promised a profitable investment in the crypt, the investor contacted the broker anyway, so had his companion, and decided to start to invest in bitcoin with a relatively small amount — €500.

“He asked for my address, copies of the documents and created the account on the site. It was all very clearly, I saw what was happening with my money”, — says the hapless captainvalor. Initial investment earned him €180 a week, but in the end cooperation over the fact that after receiving large sums of imaginary broker just disappeared and stopped answering calls.

According cryptocurrency broker Coinhouse, with the savings of Europeans hunt at least 200 fraudulent websites, and the Belgian government had previously expressed concern that the cumulative impact of the Belgians from the activities of criptoportico can reach €100 million.

Given that the situation in France is not too significantly different from the Belgian in terms of investor protection, and the population is five times bigger, it could be a much larger scale. In the end, the data about the catch of scammers consists of testimony of victims who have already realized that lost their money, and has addressed in police.

Moreover, attackers can expect that the victims of their disadvantage in the near future will not. According to a study by the financial group ING announced in June, the cryptocurrency doesn’t know anything yet one in three Europeans (34%), including 62% Belgian and 50% of French respondents.

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