The FSB, the RCN and the Ministry of communications will use technology, deep data analysis for blocking Telegram


The Russian authorities are testing a new DPI technology, which will effectively block prohibited on the territory of Russia Internet services, including Telegram. About it reports Reuters with reference to the project documents.

The study of DPI systems at the moment are engaged in the FSB, Roskomnadzor and Minkomsvyaz in the laboratory of JSC “Rostelecom” in Reutov. Since 6 August, an interagency group of Russian testing system analysis and traffic filtering.

It was planned that the testing will also involve the developers of the RDP.RU “System”, “Proteus”, DDoS-Guard, Napa Labs, Vas Experts and Concern “Automatics” (rostec), but most companies have refused “in connection with absence of commercial proposals.”

According to the Manager of the company “Protey” Anton Pinchuk, he refused to participate in the study DPI. According to him, the RKN and the FSB, in turn, are serious about using the technology in-depth analysis to develop “an effective solution for analyzing, filtering and blocking to equip them to network operators all over the country.”

Other project participants reported that the interagency group has not yet been able to produce the desired mechanism, and tested systems instead of protocols MTProto and Telegram SOCKS blocked at all other services, including “Sberbank Online”.

We will remind, recently Roskomnadzor partially unblocked access to the web version of Telegram, however, previously promised to improve the app.

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