The government of Vietnam introduced another cryptocurrency ban


The authorities have restricted the importation of equipment for mining. Earlier, local financial companies banned from working with digital money

The restriction of importation of equipment for mining adopted by the government of Vietnam. Officials considered new rules for several months, writes the local edition of Viet Nam News. The authorities have a negative attitude to digital money, in late July, they banned local financial companies to work with cryptocurrencies.

The Central Bank together with the Ministry of Finance decided to prohibit the importation of miners, as they do not comply with current legislation and gives users access to digital money. They are banned for calculations in the country and are not a reliable means of payment, such as cheques, payment orders and cards. For violation of these restrictions, a penalty of up to $9000.

Control of the industry in Vietnam has begun to tighten after two ICO-startup cheated 32,000 for local investors in the amount of $660 million. The state securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC) has banned local companies and foundations to work with cryptocurrencies. They cannot participate in the issue, transaction or brokerage operations, which are related to digital money.

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