The growth of Ethereum will continue – analysis course for 4 June and forecasts


Course Ethereum continues to grow, and project launch EOS it not to collapse. Capitalization of ether on the market is $61 billion. Experts predict further growth of cryptocurrencies, but there are several obstacles.

On 4-hour chart shows that Ethereum has broken a downtrend is a signal of reversal of the market, but before bitcoin will have to face several obstacles. The 100-day moving average remains below the 200-day, so sales can resume. However, the ETH managed to break through the dynamic resistance created by the 100 SMA and get support at $590. If a digital currency breaks through the 200-day line at $618, growth will continue. The RSI becomes overbought, but bulls still have the opportunity to turn the market in their favor.

The Ethereum network will be able to handle up to 1 million transactions per second

Buterin Vitalik, founder Ethereum announced that due to the introduction of new solutions Plasma and Sharding network bandwidth will increase to 1 million transactions per second. In the long term it could reach 100 million transactions. Earlier Buterin said that the creation of alternative payment systems Visa current network capacity is not enough. He said:

“Bitcoin is processing under peak load 3 transactions per second, Ethereum is 5-6. For comparison PayPal per second conducting hundreds of transactions, Visa is a few thousand.”

Buterin sure that the introduction of new technologies will allow to increase the scalability of the platform 10 000 times, the blockchain will be able to support more applications and handle millions of transactions.

Previously on this topic in the news:

29.05.2018: Ethereum Network is developing: a year on the platform released more than 700 1090 tokens and applications

According to analysts, in 2017 in Ethereum appeared 1090 decentralized applications and more than 700 tokens. Christian Crowley, business analyst at Ethereum Alethio said that every day to the ecosystem Ethereum joins 100,000 new users.

“Every day the ETH network handles over 1 million transactions. At the moment, this network has 29.2 million unique addresses,” said Crowley, speaking on may 28 at the “ConsenSys Community Day“, the purpose of the meeting is to popularize ETH in Israel.

Vanessa Grille, Executive Director, ConsenSys, developer AT Ethereum from new York noted that blockchain technology has a huge potential for solving many problems. Jeremy Millar, the head of Department on work with staff in ConsenSys said that the main issue that you need to meet people who are interested in the integration of the blockchain in business is: “I create a blockchain for business or business for the blockchain?” – Millar argues that we need to pursue both goals.

Ethereum is a popular platform on which every created dozens of new applications and tokens. However, the course of bitcoin ETH was surprised by a sharp drop. Experts believe that this is due to the actions of the developers of the EOS project, which is considered the main competitor to Ethereum.


15.05.2018: Competitors Ethereum strengthen the position: the rating of promising altcoins

The Ethereum platform is considered a pioneer in the field of smart contracts. Due to security issues and vulnerabilities discovered for this technology have been taken for granted. However, there are other projects that improved smart contacts, and are considered very promising for the cryptocurrency market.

The most promising altcoins

  • Zilliqa (ZIL). This project not only proposes to use platform with smart contracts, but also solves the problem of network scalability. The creators of Ethereum this purpose introduce the technology of sharding. Since the advent of cryptocurrency ZIL is well regarded in the markets. Just a month ago for the token gave $0,038, now it is estimated at $0,163. The digital asset is on the 25th place in terms of market capitalization.
  • EOS (EOS). This cryptocurrency is also considered to be a promising competitor to Ethereum, not only in terms of smart contracts and market capitalization. Digital currency is in 5th place, pushing nearest rival Litecoin. Investors intensified amid on the output of the software for blockchain-based platform, which is scheduled for early June.
  • Neo (NEO). Another project ready to compete with the air from the point of view of smart contracts. The advantage is that for the creation of applications for the platform developers do not need to learn a new programming language, you can use JavaScript, PHP and other programming languages. Located on the 11th place by market capitalization.
  • IOS token (IOST). Little known and underappreciated token. Also offers a platform for smart contracts to develop applications. However, it also gives developers the opportunity to work not only on PCs but also on your smartphone. The project IOST defines itself as an Internet service offering a secure and scalable infrastructure for providers of online services with large bandwidth. Located on the 47th place in the ranking of the market capitalization.

Ether, of course, is considered the founder of this technology, but other altcoins literally breathe him in the back and continue to increase the volume. View, for whom the future!


30.04.2018: Ethereum will grow! By 2018, it may cost $2500 – analysis and forecasts

The dynamics of the course Ethereum maintains an upward orientation. Moving averages are 12, 24 and 48 hours indicate continuation of the bullish trend. Cryptocurrency is committed to $710,00.

Quotes cryptocurrency above the moving average, so the bearish trend is out of the question. Before you can rise to the level of $710,00, ether roll back to the nearest support level of $640. Indicator Ichimoku indicates upward movement. Index RSI still indicates overbought (58%), but to a lesser extent, because of the intensive growth of altcoins, many traders closed positions before the market correction. Market capitalization is 67,4 billion. The most up to date information on currency exchange rates here.

Optimistic forecast

Independent consulting firm deVere Group has predicted that by the end of 2018, the value of Ethereum will rise to $2500. Experts attribute this rise in investor interest in digital assets and popularization of the technology of smart contracts. Nigel green, CEO deVere Group also believes that the regulation of cryptocurrencies – a matter of time, then they will be more secure and attractive for investment. In the past, green has already made a prediction for bitcoin in 2017 – then he stressed that the growth of cryptocurrencies was too fast, and now will begin a serious correction.


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