The head BitConnect India arrested for cryptocurrency fraud


19 Aug at Delhi airport he was arrested the head of the company BitConnect India Divyesh Darji. Police have charged him with cryptocurrency fraud.

BitConnect was opened in 2016, in 2017 the firm has released a cryptocurrency BitConnect. Employees of the company were offered to investors to invest in coins BitConnect, promising unusually high returns of 1% per day! At the time of closure 16 January 2018 1 BitConnect was $362, the firm managed to sell 100 million 800 thousand coins.

The Scam was uncovered following the arrest of Shailesh Bhaṭṭa, who tried to extort virtual currency from two employees BitConnect. Bhatt invested in coins BitConnect and lost all the money after the closure of the company. On interrogation he told about the fraud scheme, however, to apprehend criminals in hot pursuit the police failed – the owners of the company already managed to escape abroad with the money of depositors.

Divyesh Darji has lived in Dubai, but decided to visit the homeland, obviously not being aware of what it is looking for. The arrest of one of the main suspects in this criminal case – this is a great achievement by the local police. It is likely that investigators will be able to spin and other clues, which will lead to the remaining free accomplices Divecha. Can investors count on compensation of damage is still unknown. We will monitor developments and will publish new information!

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